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Endodontic Therapy Root Canal Treatment

How much does Endodontic Therapy cost?

The cost of an Endodontic procedure may, and can, vary depending on how severe the problem is as well as the type of tooth.  Molars with 2 or 3 root canals are more difficult to treat and usually cost more.  Endodontic Therapy is usually less expensive than extracting a tooth and replacing it with an artificial one.

The fees for treatment here at Dentist in Sheffield depend on which tooth is to be treated and the complexity of that treatment.  Our Receptionist will be happy to give you an approximate cost of ALL our treatments, including Endodontic Therapy.

Restoring teeth and smiles

Our team can offer superb dental restorative treatments including high quality general dentistry. Most of us have a dental problem from time to time. We work hard to solve your problems as quickly and comfortably as possible, to get your smile back

At  Dental practice in Dronfield and Sheffield, we make every effort to help you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times – that’s the case for adults, children, and most of all, our more nervous dental patients.

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